Friday, October 17, 2008

In The Beginning

So, it all started on September 30, 2008. As I was knitting during my commute home, a fellow knitter and I caught each other's notice. When the person sitting next to her got off the train, I sat next to her. And she asked me, "Are you Uvon?"

This was a surprise.

However, I affirmed that I was indeed known in certain circles as Uvon. Because that happens to be my name, and some people call me by my name. She went on to explain that someone had posted a photo of me knitting on a weblog, and I was being discussed on Ravelry.

So, when I got home, I checked, and indeed I was being discussed. The blog in question had posted a photo of my that very day, and already the Chicago knitting community was talking about it, and had determined it was me. All I could do was verify that they were right.

It occurred to me then that, if I was going to be that recognizable, I had an obligation to create an internet presence for my knitting self. So, I started planning the yarn blog. But, there was trouble...

The very next day, my internet connection at home went down. After a very frustrating two weeks of complaining to my building manager, the internet was restored. This actually turned out to be a fairly good thing for this blog, because I hadn't come up with a good name yet.

The day after the infamous blog post, I shared with my coworkers, most of whom have resigned themselves to my knitting, and still occasionally eye it as something rather novel. They were, of course, either fascinated or polite enough to appear fascinated, and that was mostly the end of it.

One would have expected that to be the end of it. However, most of my stories are like Stanley Kubrick films - they never end quite when you expect them to.

Earlier this week, with the home internet still down, one of my co-workers happened to mention the blog with me knitting. She shared this with a friend of hers, and the friend said, "You mean that knitting guy?!" She reads that blog, and she remembered that post.

And with that, I realized that I had a title for my blog...That Knitting Guy.

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