Saturday, October 18, 2008

Street Cred

Clearly, it is necessary for a yarn blog to have photos. Right. What good is a knitting blog if I can neither show off some of my stuff, or at least prove that I do, indeed, knit.

Socks are a favorite of mine. Even with my big, honkin' man-feet.

One observation I have is that an amazing majority of sock patterns show something roughly like what you see here. Someone, using only one leg, standing on her toes (it's almost never a man, and when it is a man, he certainly isn't standing on his toes), showing off the sock. I've got to tell you, it wasn't easy holding the pose long enough to take the photo.

Yes, I'm flat-footed. And yes, I have swept the floor since taking that photo.

The yarn I used made it's own stripes. The yarn band was in German, however, and before I could take the time to decipher it, it got on the wrong side of my cat. Oops. I can tell you that it's very similar to Regia sock yarn.

Of course, not everything I've knit has been a good idea...

This was a nosewarmer that I knit a few years back. I met a friend for coffee, and he was so horrified that he took this picture. Most people who have seen the picture have inquired about the beak. Not in the "I'm interested" way, but in the "I know I shouldn't wonder, but there is a certain morbid fascination here."

The yarn was scrap yarn.

Hats are always good. I can always get behind a hat that has some cabling challenges to it.

I honestly don't remember what yarn I used for this hat.

Continuing with hats, babies are AWESOME. They have tiny little heads, and won't bitch if they don't like the color.

Though I am forced to concede that this child looks a bit perturbed, I choose to think it's a general frustration with the world in general, as opposed to his headware. The hat was a basic stockinette deal done up in Sugar 'n' Cream. An inexpensive cotton yarn that's pretty much perfect for small humans.

Then, there is what is probably my greatest yarn achievement to date. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Lizard Ridge.

This is an afghan that used up 20 skeins of Noro Kureyon, and I only wish I had a better picture to share. I'll see what I can do about that. I am working on a second Lizard Ridge, and have enough Kureyon to venture into a third, if I so chose.

I also recently finished my first sweater, done up in Noro Iro. My attempts to photograph it were largely unsuccessful. However, Franklin has photographed it, and I'm sure he'll send the photos to me as soon as he remembers...

I have, of course, knit many other items, but these are the ones I've managed to photograph.

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

Wow Uvon! I can remember when you first started knitting and look at all of the wonderful things you are making.. I am so jealous! I have found a local knitting club in Bolton (not to far from the town I'm living in) so I think I'm going to see how to join so that I can learn to do more. Right now I can rock a cool scarf but that is about it. :) Keep up the GREAT work.